Bigger Lithium ion batteries ….with no explosion

According to Moore’s law the processing power of a microchip doubles every 18 months. If we extend this line of reasoning to include all technologies electricity storage technology (batteries) could enable huge advances in computers and electric cars. However lithium ion battries have reached their limit of their capacity per kilogram at one hundred fifty watt-hours per kilogram.

Thin film lithium ion batteries are certainly something new. The batteries are actually composed of flat layers of pure lithium electrodes and an electrolyte bonded to a glassy surface. The batteries never lose charge, can withstand extremes of heat and cold, can charge quickly and discharge slowly or quickly an infinite number of times, can pack a ton of power into a small space, and will not explode in your lap if you dent them.

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  1. Whoa!

    Where can these betteries be purchased? I want to stock up for life! These along with solar power and there’d be practically no more energy bills.


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