Socially Conscious Capitalism

The WorldWatch Institute is running an article that asks Is Capitalism Growing More Socially Conscious? It looks like yes, the case is that capitalism is showing a little heart. Corporate Social Responsibility is gaining influence in investment firms and Fortune 500 companies.

I know that this isn’t great news, but as far as I’m concerned, capitalism caring for people is hugely symbolic. I hope that this trend continues.

“The growth of CSR among major corporations has been spurred by a parallel development in social consciousness among investment firms. In April, the United Nations launched its new Principles for Responsible Investment, a series of guidelines on how to integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into the financial industry. As of August 1, the diverse signatories to the Principles together controlled more than $5 trillion in assets. This enormous quantity of money, expected to grow as the initiative wins new adherents, will make SRI central to the practices of the financial investment industry.”

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