Time Aware

Metaphorically, the atomic clock has been the measure for the potential of an atomic doomsday scenario caused by the proliferation of atomic weapons. The hands have gone beyond the 11th hour many times; paralleling world events. But now the scientific committee that determines the clocks’ positions are accounting for other world events that have the potential for similar consequences to an atomic doomsday. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are taking stock of the threats of catosprophic nature to human society from the nano-technology, climate change, life sciences and information technology fields in order to raise their public profile. The group hopes to raise awarness of the potential dangers of new technological fields.

About Cam Proctor

Cameron works diligently in this academic and personal live to build capacity within communities and people towards the mutually inclusive goals of environmental sustainability and rewarding lifestyles. An avid supporter of education, Cameron believes in Thingsaregood.com as the “missing link” between alternative news and community involvement. Integrating his knowledge into writing, he pails in comparison to other writers in the humour dimension.

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