Cheney Told “Go F**K Yourself” in Gulfport, MS

Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, flew into Gulfport, Mississippi, Thursday. While he was speaking to reporters, his news conference was interrupted:

DICK CHENEY: I was talking to the mayor in those areas —
BYSTANDER: Go f*** yourself, Mr. Cheney.
DICK CHENEY: We have got to figure out what to do with all of the debris.
BYSTANDER: Go f*** yourself.
REPORTER: Are you getting a lot of that, Mr. Vice President?
CHENEY: That’s the first time I’ve heard it…

It’s good seeing people expressing their feelings, especially when talking directly to somebody like U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, a “former” CEO in Halliburton, a company that is making good profits out of Katrina.

Kellogg Brown & Root – a subsidiary of Halliburton – just received $12 million to rebuild a naval station in Gulfport. It is also getting another extra $5 million to fix another one, and is assessing the damages of the pumps and infrastructure in New Orleans.

Halliburton stocks are hitting a 52-week high, because of Hurricane Katrina. Good for the angry bystander.

(Thank you democracy now for the article. Read the full story visiting their great website)

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2 thoughts on “Cheney Told “Go F**K Yourself” in Gulfport, MS

  1. Just to play devil’s advocate here:

    Halliburton et al actually had to bid on these contracts, so it’s a tad more legit than what they do overseas. (They don’t screw around in their own backyard.)

    As for the stock going up, this is a natural response to landing a large contract. The fact that it is because of a tragic event doesn’t morally taint it anymore than Doctors Without Borders was tainted after they received more donations due to the Indonesian tsunami.

    But there’s my ethics rant for the day.

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