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I have good news for you: you don’t have to work at a job you don’t like! Yahoo Finance has an op-ed about finding the job you love.

Some selected excerpts from the article:

3. Stop saying financial issues hold you back.

Don’t use your financial constraints as a way to get out of making adult decisions. You can change your job or your career no matter where you are in life.

Look, this is all good news. You’re in control of your life, and you decide where you’ll work and how optimistic you’re going to be.

You can choose to complain and be angry that other people have more than you, or you can choose to consciously go after what you want every day of your life.

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Less Corruption in Developing Nations

More often than not, rich countries state that they’ll only give aid to countries with ‘good governance,’ whatever that means. To me it seems like a vague term, nonetheless this vague term is now more vaguely applied – and that’s a good thing!

The World Bank, which itself suffers from not-so-good governance, has released a report saying that good governance is on the rise and corruption is on its way out in developing nations. This means that more nations are qualified to receive more aid if they want to.

Reflecting on the report’s findings, Kaufmann added: “The good news is that some countries, including the poorest ones in Africa, are showing to the world that it is possible to make substantial inroads to improve governance.”

From the It’s-About-Time-Department

Good things happen every day a zillion times a day, sometimes people get to experience those good things before others. Today I found out about two such things:

1. Women’s rights in Sierra Leone have improved thanks to new laws that protect women. Other countries already have such laws in place and it’s great to see yet another country support equality.

2. Taiwan is going to replace their streetlights with LEDs in a US $7 million initiative to cut power consumption of the lights by 85%. LED streetlights are nothing new, but I have no idea if this is the first time that there has been a LED replacement program that is this big.

Women Change the World


I found two articles today that highlight how women can – and do – change the world. In Africa, there was a recent meeting of women who work in development to help spur gender equality throughout the continent and embed equality into development practices.

Uganda has passed legislation stipulating that a third of the seats in parliament and local authorities should be occupied by women. Now, 29.8 percent of legislative seats are in female hands, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

“These milestones have promoted women’s visibility and voice in decision-making processes at all levels, which is the key tenet of democratic governance,” President Yoweri Museveni remarked when opening the meeting

Meanwhile in Germany, women from the corporate world met and discussed how they can fight for better gender equality within their community.

“In one generation alone we have moved from a population of women who were far less educated and represented in the workforce than men to a 21st century reality that now has 40 to 50 percent of women working worldwide,” Natividad, who is of Philippines descent, said at the opening ceremony.

Rising women’s employment has been the main driving force of business growth over the past couple of decades, she said. Women may still not be paid on average as much as men, but that would not halt their progress, she said.

Play Fair 2008: Sweat Free Olympics

The only way that one could not know that sweatshops exist in China is if one was living under a rock, a very very big rock at that. Indeed, human rights issues were a red flag when the IOC was looking to Beijing to host the 2008 olympics, but t lo and behold – the olympics are to be held in the red flag nation.

As a reaction to the IOC’s choice of Beijing, Play Fair 2008 is trying to get the olympics to go sweat free! This is definitely a good cause, and a great way to remind people that sweatshops are still an issue.

Show your support for sweat-free gear!

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