Embrace Luck And Don’t Deny It

Luck is a factor in your life and it can make a huge difference, you can win the lottery or end up crazy in debt due to unforeseen incidents. Some may have good or bad luck, but regardless it’s something that one shouldn’t ignore – especially if you are one of the positively lucky ones.

People who acknowledge their own good luck are more likely to get more in the future, and it makes them more forgiving to those with bad luck. Be conscious of chance and be grateful for what the fates g

In an unexpected twist, we may even find that recognizing our luck increases our good fortune. Social scientists have been studying gratitude intensively for almost two decades, and have found that it produces a remarkable array of physical, psychological, and social changes. Robert Emmons of the University of California at Davis and Michael McCullough of the University of Miami have been among the most prolific contributors to this effort. In one of their collaborations, they asked a first group of people to keep diaries in which they noted things that had made them feel grateful, a second group to note things that had made them feel irritated, and a third group to simply record events. After 10 weeks, the researchers reported dramatic changes in those who had noted their feelings of gratitude. The newly grateful had less frequent and less severe aches and pains and improved sleep quality. They reported greater happiness and alertness. They described themselves as more outgoing and compassionate, and less likely to feel lonely and isolated. No similar changes were observed in the second or third groups. Other psychologists have documented additional benefits of gratitude, such as reduced anxiety and diminished aggressive impulses.

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