Do You Make the World Better? There’s an App for That

By now most people have heard what a carbon footprint is, but have you heard about your gloabl ‘handprint‘? The notion is that it’s the opposite of a negative counter of your impacts on the planet. Handprints are recorded online or on your phone as you make little (or big) improvements to the world around you.

You can create a handprint in three ways. First, you simply cut your footprint: say, by cycling to work, rather than driving. Second, you can champion an action suggested on the platform (carpooling, say). Or, third, you can come up with a completely new idea. In each case, Handprinter calculates the benefit and your part in bringing it about. If, for example, you share a link and someone clicks on it, you get credited with that action. Everything is subtracted from your footprint, which you calculate at the beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Make the World Better? There’s an App for That

  1. So after reading your blog post, I had to check this thing out and see what it was all about. I went to the site and signed up, but it seems like they’re still very much in the beta phase. Options for “actions” are still relatively limited. I did what I could to make some suggestions. Hopefully it will take off.

    I like the premise and that (like your blog) it points to the positive things and uses them to gain traction rather than focusing on the negatives. Thanks for the heads-up.

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