James Dyson Award Expands Prizes, Open for Entries

SafetyNet from Dan Watson on Vimeo.

The James Dyson Award is an award for engineers and designers to encourage the creation of new devices that make the world a better place. A good example of what they are looking for is last year’s winner, SafetyNet, in the video above. The prize fund has doubled to $147,000, with the prize for the international winner tripled to $46,000 (and $15,000 for their institution).

The award, run in eighteen countries, celebrates ingenuity, creativity and sustainable engineering. Inspiring young people to think differently and invent.

Inventors are encouraged to design and develop their ideas, doing more with less. This leads to fewer raw materials and the consumption of less energy – and creates a technology that will perform better and last longer, while having less environmental impact.

Last year’s international winner, Dan Watson, engineered a device for fishing nets to increase the sustainability of fishing. Dan has now gone on to further prototype and test his invention.

Find out more and enter here.

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