Tiananmen Square: Citizens Still Remember

In 1989 protestors in China took to Tiananmen Square and were confronted by tanks and the full Chinese state apparatus to shut them down. The most iconic image is the man standing in front of a row of tanks (his identity and his current whereabouts are still unknown).

Even though the protest and the clampdown happened 23 years ago this week, people are still championing human rights and increased government transparency and accountability.

Also this week, Twitter and the domestic microblogging service weibo have been abuzz with messages commemorating Tiananmen, keeping censors busy deleting or blocking 1989-related postings.  And several public events have taken place in Chinese cities to mark the tragedy and break the silence.

Many 1989 generation activists and student participants in the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement have carried on their advocacy through their writings or online posts, or assisting victims of rights abuses, or providing legal assistance to victims.

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