Urban Camping In Tents

A lot of people in Canada know what it’s like to go camping in the woods, but what about camping in the urban jungle? World Changing has a really neat collection of people and organizations that encourage setting up a tent in the urban fabric.

My favourite is the tent that’s shaped like a car that is meant for taking a parking space for people.

Import Export’s ‘tentscrapers’ would facilitate that exploration. To get out there and be in the elements, to enjoy the city like one can enjoy nature, is what is so appealing to me about urban camping. And introducing the inexpensive nature of camping to city travel is a wonderful democratizing practice for tourism. With the success of Tentstation in Berlin, and Import Export Architect’s compelling vision of ‘tentscrapers’ it looks like urban camping is on the rise…but perhaps all we really need are car tents?

World changing has more info and pictures.

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  1. I’ve never tried urban camping but what I’m mos definitely trying as soon as I have the chance is winter camping. Wish me luck and maybe I’ll give urban camping a try next year. Well, we shall see.

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