Portland Bike Lanes Keep Improving

Portland, Oregon is trying some groovy bike lanes that other cities around the world have implement. It’s always good to see sustainable infrastructure being built, but the really good thing about what Portland is doing is how they communicate their plans to their citizens. Check it out:

On the Right Track from Mayor Sam Adams on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Portland Bike Lanes Keep Improving

  1. Very hip video, especially for a municipal promo video! I like the idea a lot and wish it was also here in Toronto. There is nothing that makes me more nervous when I’m riding on the left side of parked cars (in the traditional bike way) than to have driver side doors pop open. I’ve seen the dangers this creates for cyclists frequently. Dividing the lanes between cyclists and cars makes so much sense! Also, my pet peeve is when cars pull to the side to stop or park temporarily – blocking the bike lanes. This also seems to solve that problem too. Way to go Portland!

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