Mariners Know How to Cook – and Clean!

When out at sea one must make the most of what one has, so chefs are put into a situation in which they need to ensure all their cooking gear and serving gear survives rough seas. It’s lucky for us that they have shared their tips for keeping equipment clean and in ship-shape! These tips are good for anyone who uses a kitchen!

Dishes or Plates:

Cracked: For hairline cracks, put the plate in a pan of milk and boil for 45 minutes. The crack should disappear: if not, it was probably worse than you originally thought.

Greasy: Soak in hot water with baking soda. Chemically, baking soda plus grease equals soap, not soap to wash the baby mind you, but soap just the same.

Smelly: Wash them in salty water, or use a little ammonia in hot soapy water. You can also add a little ground mustard to the water.

Stained: Soak overnight in a mixture of hot water and soda. Then rub in a vinegar moisten cloth dipped in salt. This works very well with tea stains.

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