Taxes Are Good

I don’t know anybody enjoys paying taxes but I know of a lot people who enjoy using what our taxes pay for. Roads, drinkable water, and many other things we use everyday are provided to us from the government (at least in Canada) and these services cost money. A recent Canadian study has done the math and found that in 2006 the average per capita benefit from public services was about $16,952!

Believe it or not taxes are good for you.

The majority of Canadian households enjoy a higher quality of life because of the public services their taxes fund, the study argues.

According to the report, Canada’s Quiet Bargain: The Benefits of Public Spending, the cost of the public services that a typical Canadian household uses annually is the equivalent of about 50 per cent of its annual income.

3 thoughts on “Taxes Are Good

  1. “I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization.” – legendary American jurist, Oliver Wendel Holmes. Read also John Raulston Saul’s “Unconscious Civilization.”

  2. It’s funny hoe taxes are going up and the cost of living is going up but the service is getting worse and don’t talk about roads because in Toronto it sucks.

    I agree with paying taxes and paying more for better but when I pay more and the more I pay is just going in someone pockets in Government and their corporate whore buddies while that pisses me off..

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