The Walking Tree Man

I’m having trouble thinking of a way to describe this, so I won’t. I present to you the Walking Tree Man.

walking tree man
walking tree man

What is it that can capture a heart and take it to a peaceful awareness instantly?


The crowd is stunned. People, begin moving more slowly, breathing deeply. They seem to drop into that meditative state where we’re connected with the true reality of life.

The walking body of a tree with the mask of a man is an image that can only inspire awe in the hearts and minds of those who see view it.

This archetype, of ancient origins signifies rebirth, renewal, and life, is the image of the GREEN MAN

He symbolizes our ineffable connection with Mother Nature.

Sometimes it’s the kids who see what’s going on first. Then that brings on a frenzy of photo snapping and comments like, “That’s the best costume I’ve seen in my life!” “Absolutely incredible!” “Wow!” “Amazing!”

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