101 Ways to Make the World Better

Here’s a nice list of 101 ways to improve your world, some of the ideas are really nice and simple while others are bit more extreme.

From the 30s:

31. Make breakfast in bed for someone you love.

32. Find something you’re good at and use it to help someone else.

33. Learn a new language, then volunteer as an interpreter.

34. Know someone who is sad and single? Find someone to hook them up with!

35. Bring coffee or baked goods to city workers who might appreciate it.

36. Help someone with a heavy load.

One thought on “101 Ways to Make the World Better

  1. hey a.c.,

    i forgot about your website until i was reading news online a couple weeks ago and got really depressed. then i remembered your website. thanks for keeping it up!

    as a city worker, i heartily agree with #35 of “101 ways to make the world better” 🙂


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