Fossil Fuels Useless, Two New Green Fuels

Fossil fuels are archaic and I like it when I read about new forms of capturing and storing energy. Here are two new green fuels that are getting attention.

Converting construction waste to hydrogen: Bill Davis of Ze-Gen described his company’s approach to the problem of municipal waste. Each year, the US produces about four billion metric tons of waste that, thanks to the various hydrocarbons in it, actually has about half the energy content as the same weight of coal. Most of that material gets put in landfills, where some of it winds up metabolized into methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Ze-Gen has found a way to liberate hydrogen gas from that waste.

Forget green, solar goes Bloo: Right now, there are many competing approaches to photovoltaic technology, but only one of them made an appearance at the meeting: Bloo Solar, which is working on what it calls a third-generation solar brush. Larry Bowden, the company’s CEO, described it as a solution to two of the biggest inefficiencies in solar power: photons that don’t get absorbed and electrons that don’t get transferred to the conducting portions of the device, where they’re put to use.

3 thoughts on “Fossil Fuels Useless, Two New Green Fuels

  1. “Fossil fuels are archaic” – No they are not, they are much older than that, they are, well fossils.

  2. I strongly feel that fossil fuels should be abbolished! Im all into converting construction waste to hydrogen. I also have never heard of Bloo technology, I am very interested on how our future generations will use this technology.

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