Beer That You Can Drink Guilt Free

Beer is delicious, but sadly brewing delicious suds takes a lot of water and thus has a sizable footprint on the local environment. Some breweries are taking note of their environmental impact and are doing something about it. Here’s a list of 5 ‘green’ beers. One of my favourite brews made the cut 🙂

On average, six gallons of water are required to brew one gallon of beer – a ratio that must be drastically reduced in dry areas. Wastewater, carbon emissions and huge energy generators also contribute to the environmental sins of the industry.

But more breweries are taking notice of the eating public’s environmental awakening. While the biggest multinational breweries are beginning to make structural changes that promote sustainability, most of the greenest beers are (unsurprisingly) local and regional ones. Microbreweries are great agents of change because they interact with the communities that surround them. Their smaller size and community feeling make them more amenable to change, so it is easier to petition them and request more sustainable practices. Below are the top five eco-minded, North American mid-sized breweries:

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