Green Walls for Eco Decor

I don’t know much (if anything at all) about interior design, however, I do know that I like it when consumer products respect the environment. In what might be the first news like this ever covered on this site I bring you sustainable wallcoverings:

Sustainable is a popular word these days within the green world of the environment. All industries, be they manufacturers of milk cartons, automobiles, office furniture or even this newspaper you’re reading, seem to be using it to describe how their products are made.

It’s no different with wallcoverings, which are carefully monitored by various government agencies to ensure that the products’ manufacture, installment and use are safe for the environment. Wallcoverings no longer use heavy metals (lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium) that could adversely affect the environment, and adhesives used in installation are environmentally sound, with many being water-based.

There is a wide selection of sustainable wallcoverings to choose from including old-fashioned, hand-made wallpapers and embossed wallpapers that can be pai


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