What’s The Point?

The Point is an online community that is geared to changing the world when they reach “the tipping point,” that is to say when a movement has enough people embracing its ideas then it’s time to act. The thing with this point is that participants decided when that tipping point is and act only once that point is reached.

The Point is a groundbreaking way to use the Internet that helps groups of like-minded people get things done. How? No one is obligated to do anything unless a campaign reaches its “tipping point.” At the tipping point, everyone springs into action, knowing they have the numbers to make a difference.

Think of how often you confront this problem – you want to know what everyone else is doing before you decide what you are going to do. Voting, complaining to your phone company, contributing to a group purchase or charity, standing up to your boss, boycotting a company, planning a party – the list is endless. On The Point, all action is contingent on its effectiveness.

Via TechCrunch

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