Ancient Computer Hacked

A bizarre looking device that was used to chart and predict moon cycles. Researchers had to use the most modern of today’s technology to understand this 2,000 year old device.

“Using 21st-century technology to peer beneath the surface of the encrusted gearwheels, stunned scientists say the so-called Antikythera Mechanism could predict the ballet of the Sun and Moon over decades and calculate a lunar anomaly that would bedevil Isaac Newton himself.

Built in Greece around 150 to 100 BC and possibly linked to the astronomer and mathematician Hipparchos, its complexity was probably unrivalled for at least a thousand years, they say.”

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  1. Geat article in cosmosmagazine. Thanks for sharing the link. The Jewish calendar was fixed (until approx the year 2800) in the time of Rabbi Hillel the Hight Priest who lived between 200-100 BCE. I wonder if he was involved in the designing of the clock.

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