New Diesel Laws in USA Will Clean Air

Diesel fuel in the USA will have to contain a lot less sulfur thanks to a new law that just went into effect. This cleaner diesel is being compared to the removal of lead from gasoline in terms of its potential impact on air quality.

“The agency estimates that by 2030, when most old engines will have been replaced, 20,000 premature deaths, tens of thousands of illnesses, and more than 7,000 hospital visits will be prevented every year.

Officials said cleaner diesel fuel will immediately cut soot emissions from any diesel vehicle by 10 percent. But when combined with new engines hitting the road in January, it will enable emission reductions of up to 95 percent. ”

5 thoughts on “New Diesel Laws in USA Will Clean Air

  1. It is high time for Mr. Diesel to come clean. Great acomplishments have been made in transportation and heavy construction thanks to his German genious. Only his engine could ever have withstood such high temperatures, and abuse. Diesel power is a modern marvel. But it is now a past due agenda to protect the health of our public from smelly, toxic diesel fumes. We must move towards a future where health, and the environment are not sacrificed for the sake of economic gain. This will be a better world for the future of all generations to come.
    Cesar M. Gonzalez, Miami, Florida…..

  2. i love black smoke from diesel powered vehicles. you are all a bunch of tree huggging faggots who need to find something better to do with your pittyfull lifes than go on the internet and cry pour me over the one thing that keeps america going: diesls.

  3. Please forgive Nathan, his father was a janitor at the women’s prison where we met and was quite prone to playing with his mop handle.

  4. Funny you all think that diesel is causing problems. The real problem is going to come when prices go up at the pump and stores. The dpf system on the new motors hurts fuel economy by up to 60%.You need more fuel to run the vehicle (more emissions , more carbon less oxygen etcccc…)
    .Before you all start talking crap look at all the volcanoes in the world. they have been releasing high amounts of sulphur before we even stepped foot on earth. Look to the food we eat the products we use the list goes on. The government does not want to help you , they want you sick . Sick money goes to pharmaceuticals which pays for ads on Television (CNN TBS FOX etc.) which pays the politicians FDA USDA etc… Mercury is bad right they warn you not to eat fish or touch it right right WHY DOES IT GO IN A VACINE. can WAIT FOR ALL YOU SO CALLED GREEN ACTIVIST become SLAVES to what you preech. TAX will go up SO WILL EVERYTHING else trapping us further in debt its a cycle. same game different players .BUnch of slaves sheeple

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