Seven Hybrid Concerns?

People seem to not like change and changing from a car that produces smog to a car that produces less smog is shocking for some. They don’t know what is true and what isn’t true when it comes to information about hybrid vehicles. CNN has tried to clarify what people should consider when buying a hybrid car and other points that aren’t that important.

Of their list below only three are “legitimate” concerns.

  1. Hybrids have complicated technology that is difficult or expensive to fix
  2. Hybrids have limited battery pack life
  3. Hybrids have technical problems like stalling and sputtering
  4. Hybrids do not pay for themselves to justify their premium cost
  5. Hybrids do not offer the driving performance needed
  6. Hybrids will not hold resale value
  7. Hybrids do not get the level of mileage promised

4 thoughts on “Seven Hybrid Concerns?

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but this post doesn’t come off as a particularly good thing. After reading the article, I actually feel less inclined to buy a hybrid vehicle. Even though only three of the lists concerns are ‘legitimate’, it makes owning a hybrid seem like a pain in the ass. What information are you trying to convey with this?

  2. What I was trying to get at was that out of all of these popular concerns, only a few are relevant. I was hoping that it would encourage better understanding of what a hybrid is and is not. Unfortunately, this type of car is still in its learning stages of what’s practical and what’s not.

    Generally I like clearing up confusion and myths around concepts that are in the end ‘good’.

    Somewhat related (that I should’ve put in the post) is that I think people often loose sight that driving a hybrid is less damaging to the environment than driving a regular car.

  3. Bahaha, since when do ANY cars “pay for themselves” or “hold their resale value”? Cars are depreciation machines – all cars! (Well, except vintage collectors’ item cars, I suppose, but anyway…)

    Maybe you should retitle this post to emphasise that the concerns are mostly unfounded. Like “Most Hybrid concerns unfounded, says CNN”.

  4. I think CNN is dumb. I think the good thing about this post to me is that it proves that.
    In the US all of one kind of hybrid were recalled at once for no apparent reason and it became illegal to drive one. Suspicious anyone???
    Gas companies are starting to be bullies. It’s lame. So they also probably submitted all the worst possible things about hybrids to CNN and paid them to talk about it. I could write up a list quadruple the size about why oil guzzling cars arent practical!!!

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