Library on the Moon

moon David McKa, a (rocket?) scientist, is arguing that the Moon can be used as the best time capsule and a digital store hose for human history. Essentially it would be modern day Library of Alexandria – but this won’t burn down.

Astronauts would setup a digital store house and could update it with future voyages to the Moon.

Storing things on the moon means no worries about oxygen eroding materials. Other environmental concerns that damage books and other materials on Earth wouldn’t be a problem in outer space. The Moon is also the only place that humans have yet to pillage, and should stay that a way for awhile to come.

4 thoughts on “Library on the Moon

  1. And how would this “digital storehouse” be read? Digital formats are often incompatible with readers for other formats, and formats change so rapidly – people from a future civilization (or even 10 years from now) would definitely have no idea how to get the information out. I’m not a Luddite by any stretch of the imagination, but really, for things like this you can’t beat a thing called WRITING.

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to land a digital warehouse and update it from one of our satellites, like, via radio communication. ^_^ Also, although some formats have changed a lot , phostscript/pdf documents have been very forward/backwards compatible.And so is ASCII/ISO text standards.


  3. matildaben, I see what you are saying and I think it’s a big issue. But one can also be annoying and argue that file formats are a language.

    Jeffi, I think that they would update the storage centre remotely, but it needs to be contained below the moons surface so meteorites (or whatever) don’t hit it.

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