TXT MSG not :( for ppl

A Canadian research team have concluded that text messaging does not negatively impact the grammar of Canadian teens. It looks like people are just getting more creative with their use of language, which ultimately proves a better understanding of words as a whole.

“New research from linguists at the University of Toronto suggests that instant messaging doesn’t deserve its reputation for spoiling syntax. In a study of 71 teenagers, researchers found that the teens showed a strong command of the language.
When chatting with friends, the teens cleverly fused different features of the language: written and spoken, formal and informal.”

Now, if only I can fix my use of the English language…

One thought on “TXT MSG not :( for ppl

  1. Written language is generally the interpretation and understanding of symbols… if people are simplifying this, I think it’s simply an evolution of language… bound to happen… ones and zeros

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