Peace Education In Schools

The National Council of Education Research and Training in India has started up a program to provide life skills for peace to its students. 35 teachers from across the country will take part in a 6 week training program which aims to educate teachers in conflict resolution, suppression of aggression and coping with stress. Lessons will be taught by example and through respectful guidelines and values taught in class. This will in turn pass on such values from teacher to class and the goal is to positively influence the students and help to shape a healthy and more harmonious society.

Many of the teachers are excited by this prospect and look forward to helping curb violent behaviours in their schools through the program. “The programme aims to arm teachers with skills to promote a sense of harmony in oneself and social environment among students for avoiding conflict with law,” NCERT Director Prof Krishna Kumar said.

NCERT also does a great deal of work in helping to promote gender equality in schools and empowerment and self reliance for girls.

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