China Looking for Green Medal at Olympics

Most countries compete for the gold medal, well China’s competing for one extra one that is green. We all know that China is building a green city and now they are trying to build a green olympics. China is implementing new technologies to try to get the coming 2008 Beijing olympics environmentally friendly. From the World Watch Institute:

“In mid-April, Beijing’s National Olympic Stadium signed a 10 million RMB (US$1.25 million) contract with domestic solar company Suntech Power to install a 130-kilowatt photovoltaic system at 12 stadium entrances. The installation will supplement the venue’s conventional power supply and make the stadium—also known as the “Bird’s Nest” because of its appearance—the world’s most environmentally friendly sporting arena. “The Bird’s Nest Stadium solar energy project demonstrates China’s commitment to clean, renewable energy and a green Olympics,” said Zhengrong Shi, Suntech’s chairman and CEO.”

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