Non-Plastic, Plastic Bags

Around the World nearly on trillion platic bags are produced each year. A vast majority of those bags end up in landfills. Now, more than ever, large companies are noticing how much of an impact they are having on the environment and working to change that. Mountain Equipment Co-Op is one great example. As a company that sells outdoor recreation products it seemed only natural to continue their eco-friendly trend as an organization. So MEC’s national sustainability manager has now helped the company make the switch to corn-based, compostable platic bags in their stores.

MEC alone goes through over half a million bags per year which is a lot especially when you consider that an average plastic bag can take up to 100 years to decompose. The new ones will begin to break down within 2 weeks in a landfill.

About Vanessa King

Vanessa is a co-founder and the in-house artist of She is a fundraising administrator working on behalf of various charities and dreams of being the sole person who, through synchronistic and somewhat accidental circumstance, ends up saving the World. After her 13 year stint as a professional actress in film and television, Vanessa is now pursuing her musical ambitions as a singer as she also hopes to save the World through music.

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