Doctors Expose Guantanamo Cruelty

Hundreds of doctors from all around the World have added their signatures to a letter condemning doctors in Gunantanamo for force feeding inmates on hunger strike. The letter is published in the Lancet Medical Journal and states that techniques such as restraints and the use of force to feed prisoners by nasal tube should be prohibited.

The principles of the World Medical Assiciation represent physicians in the US as well as countries all around the globe and specifically ban the use of force feeding as it is seen as cruel behaviour.

Some 500 prisoners are still being held in Guantanamo, however, several prominent groups, such as Amnesty International and the UN, are presently urging the U.S. to close down the facility. Since Amnesty’s initial involvement in letter writing campaigns 15 detainees have been released from US custody, 8 of which have been freed indefinately.

Care to send a letter to the U.S. to speak out against torture and injustice in Gunatanamo?
Follow the link to good action!

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