Water and Ice(land)

A recent issue of The Walrus contained an article on Iceland’s burgeoning experiments with alternative energy sources. Iceland already harnesses geothermal energy, which provides half of the overall energy consumed by citizens and businesses. However, they are also planning to start using hydrogen power, and be oil-free by 2050. “We want to become the first hydrogen society in the world,” said the chairman of the ruling Progressive Party.

Interestingly, both Shell and DaimlerChrysler are active participants in the plan; Daimler will provide hydrogen-powered vehicles, and Shell will provide hydrogen filling stations.

Of particular interest to our Canadian readers may be a quote from a senior official in the hydrogen program. When asked how Canada might go oil-free, she responded, “You have solar! You have wind! You have hydro! Many countries have geothermal too, but they are just waiting for the world to run out of oil before they do anything about it.”

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