A Small Victory Over AIDS

It’s hard to find good news about AIDS, especially AIDS in Africa. Former UN Special Envoy Stephen Lewis has gone so far as to call it a genocide. But, good news can surface in the most unlikely of places. Through changes in social behaviour and however slowly, Zimbabwe may be starting to turn the tide. Although other factors may be affecting the numbers, a slight increase in condom use seems to mark the first instance of declining HIV infection rates in Southern Africa. Small actions make a big difference.

You can help the fight against AIDS in Africa through The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

One thought on “A Small Victory Over AIDS

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again to everyone. Read Lewis’ book, Race Against Time, for a chilling account of the AIDS crisis in Africa. It’s phenomenol, and contains some messages of hope contrasted against the failure that has allowed the situation to become so desperate.

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