Camp Sizanani

Camp Sizanani

Camp Sizanani is a special place. Located near Johannesburg, South Africa, Sizanani provides children affected with HIV/AIDS a place to escape, to grow, and most importantly, to be kids. Sizanani offers campers the opportunity to swim, dance, test their creativity in Arts & Crafts, and play a variety of sports. The camp also hosts a unique program that teaches campers a variety of life skills, such as nutrition, hygiene, healthy sexuality, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

Sizanani is a Zulu word meaning “help each other.” The camp is part of a non-profit corporation called World Camps, which aims to “provide a camp experience for children affected by HIV/AIDS in developing countries and to change prevailing attitudes and behaviors towards AIDS.” Sizanani is one of several initiatives planned by World Camps.

Boys and girls attend Camp Sizanani for separate ten day sessions. There are six sessions held each year. Typically, the camp can accomodate 110 children (ranging in age from 10-15 years old). It draws many of its campers from Soweto, and is staffed both by local folks and international volunteers.

About Stewy

As the current Assistant Director of Camp Wenonah Mike gets to play outside all day. Except in the winter months when he studies how to teach studies to others.

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  1. i have heard about camp sizanani and the impression was good. yet I cannot help but wonder if I could bring in input.I would really like to know and understand what you do and how people like me can help out. I have to say that this initiative should not rest where it is but take this as a milestone and many more to go through. So with that, I believe you are aiming at the correct target and with your vision it will be hard to miss it. A good well done to you and I hope to get a response from you.big ups.

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