Human Rights for Renewables

The World Council for Renewable Energy, organised by EUROSOLAR and supported by NRW Energy Agency, UNESCO, EUFORES, International Solar Energy Society and others, have concluded that “Energy is the fundamental prerequisite of every life, and all humans have a right to renewable energy.” This comes at the heels of recent investments totalling more than 500 billion into fossil fuels and nuclear energy, more than 5o times the investment into renewables.

All human beings are born with equal rights and the availability of energy is a fundamental human right, but the established systems of energy supply based on fossil and nuclear energy “are not in a position to provide this human right to everybody,” it continues. “Due to the near depletion of conventional energy sources and their dramatic environmental and climate damages, this right cannot be provided to an ever increasing number of people. The human right for renewable energy can only be accomplished by renewable energy.”

The Assembly welcomes the official plan of the new German government to take the initiative for creation of an International Renewable Energy Agency. It wants a Renewable Energy Proliferation Protocol to be added to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and an international university for renewables to be established under the auspices of UNESCO.

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Cameron works diligently in this academic and personal live to build capacity within communities and people towards the mutually inclusive goals of environmental sustainability and rewarding lifestyles. An avid supporter of education, Cameron believes in as the “missing link” between alternative news and community involvement. Integrating his knowledge into writing, he pails in comparison to other writers in the humour dimension.

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