Cheaper, Faster DNA ID process developed is reporting that a New York technology start-up has developed a much cheaper and faster device to perform the PCR (polymerase chain reaction). PCR is a process used to amplify small bits of DNA so that it can be used for DNA fingerprinting and other important projects. The new device is able to cycle the temperature of the DNA much faster than traditional PCR, and this reduces the wait time for a successful amplification dramatically.

About Benny Powers

Benny is a 20 year old student of the arts and sciences. He will be attending Trent University for the 2006-2007 semester. An experienced percussionist, Benny specializes in hand percussion such as djembe, doumbek and udu drums. Recently he has joined the Toronto samba band <a href="">Samba Elegua</a>, playing the surdo. He also does <a href="">spoken word poetry</a>, and performs at open mic nights in Toronto in the summer time.

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