Zero-Energy Homes Become Practical for Rich

Previously shunned by the vast majority of people in the developed world, zero-energy housing is gaining in popularity. California (of course) is on the forefront of this trend. Newsweek has more to say about lowering the energy cost in new houses.

“Aside from the bright patch of solar modules on the roof, Premier Gardens looks like a community of conventional homes. But inside, it’s clear why they save energy.”

The zero-energy home is also making headway in Canada has a housing developer recently announced a new green development in the Toronto area.

2 thoughts on “Zero-Energy Homes Become Practical for Rich

  1. COOL! I want to live in a green house. These seem to be popping up everywhere these days which is encouraging to see. Not to mention it makes those who use it more self sufficient and less reliant on power companies for their survival. I like that. Thats good.

  2. Just wonderign which developer in Canada has annouced the move. If you know, I’d really be interested.

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