Bio Lube

Probably not what you were hoping for, but the hydroelectric industry has recently been experimenting with lubrication using biologically degradable oils from natural sources. When a hydroelectric turbine is in operation it must be well lubricated or else friction and instability are created which shake and therefore damage both the turbine and casing. However, a small portion of the oil inevitably leakes into the water. Although less than the waste oil from a motor vehicle the hydroelectric industry is experimenting with biodegrabalbe oils with regulations the threat of fines or enforcement. A hydroelectric industry spokesman commented that bio lube is simply a choice since they work as well as conventional lubes and the industry does not have to worry about spills. With future advancements bio lube could be converted to higher temperature operations such as oil inside a car engine.

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Cameron works diligently in this academic and personal live to build capacity within communities and people towards the mutually inclusive goals of environmental sustainability and rewarding lifestyles. An avid supporter of education, Cameron believes in as the “missing link” between alternative news and community involvement. Integrating his knowledge into writing, he pails in comparison to other writers in the humour dimension.

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