CBC Workers get Creative

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has locked-out their workers over a contract dispute. As a result of being out of work since the 15th many have had to look elsewhere for money. Some are doing freelance work.

In a very creative way to support each other and get public support some locked out workers have made a website. It has podcasts from CBC workers and job info for those that need to find some quick cash.

If these workers are creative enough to do this (and it is getting a fair bit of coverage), why would CBC management lock them out? Does the future of labour disputes exist online.

One thought on “CBC Workers get Creative

  1. 62% of people polled have said the lockout has no impact on their lives whatsoever… i think something like 10-15% said it was a substantial inconvenience. *shrug* but they still play the BBC world service, which is the best part anyway ^_^ hahahahaha! things ARE good (dot com) !! cheers!

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