Alaskans Trying to Freeze Government Powers

The United States’ Transportation Security Administration has been violating the privacy rights of American citizens and as a result group of Alaskans have filed a lawsuit. Under Secure Flight, the program in question, personal information is collected then read by a private company to figure out if you are a threat to American airspace or not.logo

The group is comprised of people from various backgrounds that all feel that government is sacrificing freedom for little-to-no security benefit. On their website they state that the “TSA promised not to use commercial data, but they did. TSA isn’t allowed to keep secret databases on Americans, but they have. TSA promised to comply with the Privacy Act, but they haven’t.”

It is about time that American citizens challenge this since the program has identified babies as terrorists. The TSA has even been told by the American government that they are in violation of the 1974 Privacy Act.

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