Spanish Government Defends Human Rights

On July 24 a Spanish farmer died in custody of Spanish police. The courts are looking into the incident and in the mean time eight Civil Guards have been suspended. Civil Guards is a para-military police unit, and as a result of this recent incident, they are being heavily criticized.

Politicians are speaking out on the matter, and they are not taking the side of the Civil Guards. Spain is continuing it’s commitment to human rights. More recently politicians have become more vocal on the matter, particularly Jose Alonso.

“I would like to reaffirm the government’s commitment to develop a policy of public security that is based on scrupulous respect for citizens’ rights,” Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso told parliament’s domestic affairs committee.

One thought on “Spanish Government Defends Human Rights

  1. Wow! Thats really amazing news. GOOD that it has sparked the attention of the political leaders. Police everywhere have the tendency of taking their authority too far and I think its really about time that someone in a position of political influence took a good look at police brutality. I hope more politicians will take a stance for citizens rights more often! I want people who protect and help citizens to really do that.

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