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This year Telesur, the first multi-state TV channel in the world was launched from Caracas, Venezuela. The station is being launched with help from other Latin American governments including Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay. The channel’s board members include a group of international supporters including the actor Danny Glover, the writer Tariq Ali and Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel.
But even before its launch, Telesur was being attacked in Washington. Last week the House passed an amendment calling for the U.S. to begin broadcasting its own channel into the region to counter Telesur.
We know that not everything Washington dislikes is necessarily good (Saddam Hussein being a good example), but the arrival of Telesur to the world of Latin American news broadcasting, overwhelmingly dominated by FOX news, CNN, ABC and others, is a pretty good thing.

(Based on Democracy Now!)

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Fernando lived in Argentina for almost 30 years, studying biology and working as little as possible, when he decided to use money he got from a bad bad corporation that laid him off to go for a year-long trip around the world. The end of the trip found him ready to get married to a Canadian, balder, and less interested in biology. Now he lives in Toronto. He is now a father, which will do for a happy biography ending.

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