Hermicity: A Drone-Based City Where Inhabitants Eat Soylent

Hermicity is a proposed community for hermits. The inhabitants would live on their own to cater to their need for isolation, they won’t even need to go to the grocery store. Drones would be used to deliver the meal alternative Soylent to the people paying to live in the community. What’s more is that the entire operation will be based around a blockchain!

This is how it’s described on the website:

A hermit colony ran as a decentralised autonomous organisation on the ethereum blockchain.

We now have the technology to allow people to live completely alone. Drones will airlift soylent packets and water to the members of the hermit colony.

Membership is paid with ether to a smart contract. The smart contract sends drone from a solar powered docking station to the members.

In an interview this is the way the creator described his motivation:

almost every great thinker has spent much time alone. I know the time I have spent alone (admittedly somewhat forced by circumstance) has made me a wiser, more intelligent person. Perhaps by making being alone more accessible we can unlock a lot of human potential that is standing idle at the moment, locked away in bodies that are too distracted by the other bodies around them and are therefore unable to look in and unlock their unique ideas and energy.

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