Band of the Month: Human Bodies

This week, I will be featuring two bands as a small highlight of the 1000 plus talented bands from all over the globe performing in Toronto’s upcoming NXNE music festival that runs June 10-16.
The first of this weeks two bands is Human Bodies.

Patient, lush, and explosive all rolled into a tight, heavily harmonized package, Toronto’s Human Bodies are a group of friends turn band whose charisma and charm are carried both on stage and off. A progressive, instrumentally neurotic sound of one song can be smoothly transitioned into a spacious, vocally driven sonic landscape of the next by this five piece of multi-instrumentalists. The fun never ends with these guys and gal.

Check out a sample below and catch them on stage June 12 at 8pm @ The Rivoli for their NXNE showcase!

Band of the Month by Greg O’Toole.

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