Rescue of Chilean Miners Underway

Rescue efforts in Chile have come to fruition today as the first of the trapped miners have been raised to ground level. You may not agree with the reasons the miners were there in the first place, but no one can deny that the pending rescue of 33 miners is incredible. Trapped underground since August 5th, they have endured more time trapped underground than anyone in documented history.

The rescue operation has proceeded nearly as smoothly as could be expected by the team of more than 1,000 that spent so long planning this moment. Crews have had to adjust the door to the capsule, and make other small changes along the way, but the miners have been evacuated almost exactly as planned.

Delirious celebration erupted across “Camp Hope,” the encampment of waiting families and media, as the first miner rescued, Florencio Avalos, emerged.

Read more at The Globe and Mail, or pretty much any news outlet anywhere in the world. This isn’t just good news, it’s big news!

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