Michigan Wins Solar Car Race

The 2008 North American Solar Challenge has ended in Calgary and the winners are from the University of Michigan, who have won it many many times in the past.

“A tremendous amount of work went into getting to this point. A lot of us have been on the team for over two years,” said a beaming Brooke Bailey, 23, who drove the blue-and-gold car for the final leg.
“The car has done everything we hoped for and we’re here. We made it.”
The solar cars resemble flying saucers with tiny cockpits that drivers cram themselves into for six hours at a time, enduring no air conditioning and little ventilation.
“When we were down in Texas the heat was pretty bad. We are pretty cramped, and by the end you’re ready to get out,” Bailey said.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Wins Solar Car Race

  1. That’s not “Michigan University,” it’s a Michigan university, whose name is the University of Michigan. Just fyi. 🙂

    (There are two major state schools in Michigan, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University. “Michigan University” sounds like a weird combination of the two.)

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