Hybrid Cars Selling Fast

Ironically, or appropriately, climate change and increasing gas prices have increased consumer interest in saving the environment. The Toronto Star is reporting that hybrid sales in Canada have increased by 90%. It’s good to see Canadians realize that their driving habits are connected to climate change.

In its pursuit of hybrids, Beatty said Toyota found it is more than a transitional technology to other auto power alternatives.

“It took a while for us to figure it out, but the hybrid really is a platform you can build other technologies on,” he said.

Several automakers are working on technologies such as electric plug-in cars that improve fuel efficiency or other projects that give consumers alternatives to meet their needs.

GM and Chrysler already offer deactivation technology that seamlessly shuts down in highway driving.

“The bottom line is there needs to be a multiplicity of technologies for consumers to choose from depending on their needs and driving habits,” said Stew Low, director of communications for GM of Canada.

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