Fatworld is a Socially Aware and Awkward Video Game

fattyIan Bogost makes games, but not just any game – he makes games that try to raise awareness about how messed up North American society is. His next game is called Fatworld and Wired has the info on this impending game of fatness.

Remember you are what you eat, not what you play.

In his latest, Fatworld, players navigate a consumer paradise (A), rule their own empire of restaurants and convenience stores (B), and enjoy food allergies, diabetes, heart disease, and death (C).

You can play his early game Airport Security to get a taste of what kind of social commentary to expect.

7 thoughts on “Fatworld is a Socially Aware and Awkward Video Game

  1. That’s not a Good Thing. That’s an instance of hatred of and prejudice against fat people.

    Does he also have a game called Fagworld which is about how the evil moral relativism of our messed up society is turning kids into homosexuals?

    Cause that would be comparable.

  2. This is really not a good thing. Why did you guys post this? It’s depressing and hateful. Also, it just sounds like a shitty fucking game.

  3. It’s not attacking fat people, the game is attacking industries that encourage fat people. The same idea as going after smoking companies for making smokers, you don’t bash the smokers you bash what produced their behaviour.

  4. Adam Clare:

    If you accept that being fat or thin are just natural conditions people may happen to have, like being white or black or gay or straight, then you’ll realize *is* hateful to fat people to attack what one imagines to be the “cause” of their unfortunate condition, because in doing so one is assuming that something about their nature is inherently bad. When it isn’t.

    Being fat is one natural way to be among many, not a flaw, nor a tragedy, nor the result of an evil society making people eat too much. Links between weight and disease tend to evaporate on close examination, and claims of an “obesity epidemic” are entirely unfounded hysteria.

    This is of course a controversial position, but it’s well supported by evidence if you wish to look into it. (I recommend the “junk food science” blog [google it] for extended commentary on the topic.)

  5. Ed: In most cases, being fat is not some kind of genetic disorder people are born with. It’s a result of the society they live in, and a result of the choices they make or are forced to make. And yes, there *is* something inherently bad about being fat: It’s unhealthy. And it’s obvious that more and more people are becoming more and more fat.

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