Build Your Own Solar iPod Charger

For those of you with iPods, you may want to ensure that you never have to worry about the battery dying. This is a neat use of small scale solar power, it’s a homemade solar panel that attached to a backpack using velcro that connects to an iPod.

The instructions are easy to follow, and one step is sipping on some coffee (which is hopefully fair trade and organic). If I had an iPod I would try making this, not just for cheap power, but for solar style.

4 thoughts on “Build Your Own Solar iPod Charger

  1. thanks for posting on my plans!
    The coffee is better than fair trade and organic, I purchase greens beans from a really great importer that visits the farms and co-ops.
    Then I roast and sell the coffee here in Yosemite!
    I need to get cracking and update my site….

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