Dell Commits to Clean Up


Ever wondered what happened to the old computers bits and mobile phones you threw out? Each year tons of discarded technology quietly disintegrates in landfills or gets melted down, releasing toxins and chemicals into the environment. After a two year campaign by Greenpeace, several companies have agreed to remove the chemical content of their hardware. These companies include the likes of HP, LGE, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Sony Ericsson and now Dell has joined this list of environmentally conscious hardware providers.

By removing toxic chemicals, these companies make their hardware easier to recycle and take responsibility for the impact their products have on the environment.

A recent survey showed that most consumers would be prepared to pay more for computers that were chemical free and had no negative impact on the environment. Hopefully, the bigger names missing from the list will pay attention and endeavour to meet the needs of consumers by providing environmentally responsible hardware.

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