Amnesty International Invites Webmasters to Defeat Censorship

Worldwide human rights group, Amnesty International has begun a project called to monitor and circumvent internet censorship.

The website gives visitors the opportunity to place a small box on their own sites which contains a snippet of censored information.

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Benny is a 20 year old student of the arts and sciences. He will be attending Trent University for the 2006-2007 semester. An experienced percussionist, Benny specializes in hand percussion such as djembe, doumbek and udu drums. Recently he has joined the Toronto samba band <a href="">Samba Elegua</a>, playing the surdo. He also does <a href="">spoken word poetry</a>, and performs at open mic nights in Toronto in the summer time.

5 thoughts on “Amnesty International Invites Webmasters to Defeat Censorship

  1. I’m really torn as to whether or not the small info box should be put on ThingsAreGood……….

  2. My concern is that the content on the info box may not be good news and new readers may get confused.

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