MTV Helps Youth Think

A study done by none other than MTV has found out a few reasons why youth are disengaged from activism. The results of “Just Cause,” a research study that deconstructs how youth perceive “activism” and explores the motivating factors and barriers in their decision to become involved in social causes.

The study includes more than 1200 young people, including expert interviews, ethnographies and a national poll of a representative sample with participants ages 12 to 24. Findings deconstruct youth activism and find an “activation gap”, showing a strong disparity between interest in and involvement in social causes. Anecdotal responses from respondents also offer clues into successful strategies into closing the “activation gap”

It is one thing to complain that youth are disengaged, it’s another to know why they are disengaged, and now we have a better idea to engage youth.

One thought on “MTV Helps Youth Think

  1. NEAT!

    This is cool because it’s getting to the source of why people do and do not get involved in their communities. I like that rather than just looking at a statistic they are trying to encourage kids in a way that works for THEM. For eons it seems like kids haven’t been given a chance to really explain where they’re coming from………nice to see that someone with influence is listening!

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