Toronto Transit Experiment

The Toronto Transit Commission is starting an interesting experiment on it’s St. Clair street car line: the Time Based Transfer. Transfers on the line are now valid for up to two hours after you disembark the vehicle, and will allow you to board any other TTC route, including the one you just departed. See a trendy cafe from the window? Need to do some shopping? Now you can do it all on one ride.

This seems like a good way to encourage people to use Transit for their non-commuter needs. If successful, the word is that these transfers will be expanded to the entire network.

4 thoughts on “Toronto Transit Experiment

  1. Wow it’s about time the T dot caught onto this concept. This is how transit operates in Vancouver. I like it because sometimes you DO just want to hop a train to someplace and then move on to another and having a time transfer just makes a lot of sense in those situations. I hope the idea sticks!

  2. Hopefully people in Toronto will let this idea grow. When it comes to change Torontonians are scared.

    The only reason this is happening is because the TTC needed something to appease the business on St. Clair, since the businesses think that giving the streetcar priority service along St. Clair will take away their customers.

  3. Ahh interesting that. I don’t really get how steetcars and shopping really relate to one another when u consider that people in Toronto are ALWAYS SHOPPING NO MATTER WHAT! But I’m sure there is some relevance there.

    I personally just think we all pay enough taxes and bus fare that we should be able to just get around in the City without going broke!

    Tranfers forever!

  4. Whee! We beat both BlogTo and Torontoist on this. Neat.

    It’s meant to get people thinking of transit as more than just a commuter system, and more as a primary mode of travel to anywhere. Need to run a quick errand on your way home from work? Etc…

    It’s ALSO a way to appease the businesses on St. Clair who were understandably pissed at the disruptive construction going on to build the dedicated line.

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